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This section of the Hull Thursday Road Club website is aimed to give members information regarding the club. Within this section there are a number of different pages providing information. Please contact us if you think something is missing from this section of the website and we will try to upload the information for you.

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Club clothing

New Club Clothing online stores are now closed! The original end of 2019 LeCol clothing order has now been delivered to Richard Guymer so if you’ve ordered anything at that time,  please contact Richard directly.   The more recent orders from both LeCol and Bioracer are now in and being made,  so keep your ears …

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Cycle theft

Top 5 tips to prevent cycle theft

Theft of bikes is a real issue, with thousands being stolen across the Humberside Policing area every year. This is one area where crime prevention can have a massive impact and a small personal investment can drastically reduce your chance of becoming a victim.

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