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Feb 26

Sproatley Training, 26th February, 2011

“Pity this is the last of the training sessions,” was a remark I overheard, and it seems from the thanks we received that all have enjoyed the sessions in spite of the bad weather. Apart from one or two years I missed in the eighties I’ve been getting these session together since 1970 and I …

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Feb 20

Training at Sproatley, 19th Feb 2011

RAIN DID NOT STOP PLAY. Surprisingly we had 17 riders turn up this Saturday afternoon in spite of the wet conditions and a certain drenching from rain which wasn’t going to cease and had been falling

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Feb 13

Training at Sproatley, 12th Feb., 2011

A really great turnout for the second of the training sessions on the Sproatley circuit, 38 in all and good for the day. After the rain the sun, they say, but here we were left with puddles which, fortunately were drying out nicely by the finish. And it was fast; whether because there wasn’t so …

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Feb 10

Training at Sproatley 1

Fortunately the wind eased down a little on Saturday, Friday and Sunday were gale force and it would have been more like riding in Flanders than somewhere in East Yorkshire. So

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Jan 30

Brantingham Saturday, Jan 29

Thirty four riders joined in today, a very cold day but much drier than previous weeks.

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Jan 28

Brantingham Saturday Jan 22

Another good turn out and we were able to manage four groups this week, although group two was a bit larger than I would recommend. Group One comprised Steven Guymer, Simon Smith, Richard Moore, Peter F Smith, Paul Noton, Mark Ollerenshaw, Karl Downes and Chris Daddy.

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Jan 19

Brantingham Training Session #1 (15-01-11)

The weather at last permitted us to get started with the Saturday afternoon training; all traces of the ice that prevailed up to last week was gone. In spite of the strong wind we still had a good turnout and were able to establish three separate groups.

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