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Feb 19

Training continues on the Sproatley circuit

After the snow and ice of the last two weeks the Sproatley circuit proved a little less hazardous and maybe it was the wind which frightened off many of the riders that we had in the early weeks

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Jan 30

Week Four Training Session, the last at Brantingham

Yet another fine day for training around Brantingham, cold but sunny with little wind, and 66 riders took part. With new people coming every week

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Jan 22

Strong winds for Brantingham training

It costs a bit to get the use of a wind-tunnel in a laboratory but we had a free one on Saturday. I know I prefer to go out into the wind on a ride so that it’s helpful on the return; a circuit is quite different as you get it from all directions and …

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Jan 16

Training Rides Prove Popular Again

Despite the temperature being just above freezing it was a clear and fairly calm day on Saturday which brought riders once again in large numbers.

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Jan 08

Record Numbers on Training Ride

Was it New Year Resolutions to get fit early, the good weather we were blessed with at the start the new year, or aspirations in this London Olympics year? Whatever,

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