Geriatric Jaunts

Geriatric jaunts… with the last of the summer whiners

We started around 1991 or ’92 when Jim and Don, with Maurice Hunter decided to drag Baz Hewland out on his bike on a regular basic to recuperate from his heart surgery. As we got fitter we went faster and further and were joined by a number of Hull Thursday stalwarts Graeme Forester, Barry Trotter, Dennis Hunter and anyone else who had either retired or could scrounge off work. As we lived at various sides of the city we agreed to meet at different points on a regular basis.

Jeriatrics Image

The local cafés soon got to know and welcome us – the talk and discussion very much like that in the TV soap “Last of the Summer Wine”. My description was more as a bunch of geriatrics, mature bike riders behaving like children.

After Vic Sutton and Rob Stones joined the rides we were not averse to having skirmishes up and down the dales, always on the minor roads – in fact we try to find roads that we’ve never been down. Every ride an adventure but Baz and Maurice dropped out and Rob showed us how we could re-hydrate ourselves in a public bar when we got back to Hull. We never, except when I’m not there, have alcohol at lunch time unless there’s a special occasion like our Christmas Dinner.

“Wednesday Talk” is slightly abnormal and ridiculous. We sometimes go into Belgium and Holland for the Wednesday ride and these are always well supported. The above group is outside the church waiting for the Campanile to sound in Damme.

If you would like to join them and would like more info then contact Jim Sampson.