Top 5 tips to prevent cycle theft!

Theft of bikes is a real issue!!

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Breathing – we’ve all been doing it wrong!

As coach to my running club I carry out coaching sessions and provide advice. After being asked more than once “How do you breathe?” the response “What do you mean? You’ve been doing it from birth!”

This response wasn’t quite enough so I researched and found this chapter which even I found useful (and I thought my breathing was pretty good).

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Race day nutrition!!

Using Bike Radar and cycling books Mark Walker has put together a guide to what you should eat on race day.

Nutrition is often something that is easily overlooked leaving you to fatigue, cramp and bonk (aka ‘hunger knock’). Get your nutrition right and you can have a great ride. Below is a guide as to what to do on a race day.

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Buyer’s guide to road racing bikes 

Buyer’s guide to road racing bikes  –  The three things you need to become a good racer is the right training, nutrition and equipment. The first of these guides focuses on the equipment side of things in particular the bike.

Many people, particularly youngsters, have come to believe that they will only succeed if they have the most expensive equipment or in some cases the best brands.

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Some riders might be worried that by riding a club time trial might affect their performance in a weekend road race…

I have said that riders shouldn’t worry about riding club TTs if you want to train for weekend road races.

For example, if you ride a road race on a Sunday you probably wouldn’t go training on a Monday – you might do a recovery ride though.

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Keeping your bike clean Your Bike

Mark Walker – Road Race Secretary