Marshalling a TT Event

Marshalling a TT – Important information!

Please see below a list of points that should be followed by all riders when marshalling.

Marshalling duties are important read on for more information.  Firstly all marshals should wear a proper high-viz vest as their outer most clothing. If it turns colder do not put a coat over the vest. Please note that brightly coloured cycling tops are not sufficient, and it is a CTT requirement that all marshals wear proper high-viz clothing. As a club we would be criticised if an accident occurred and the marshal was inappropriately dressed.

Secondly, remember you are there to marshal and to do so properly should not be taking photos or making phone calls etc. The level of concentration is the same as required for riding.

I also appreciate that sometimes riders have domestic commitments but it is not really practical to try and marshal as a lone adult with very young children or pets in tow. Older children can be an assistance, but in such cases a quieter corner away from fast-moving traffic is probably safest, so please make sure you ask the organiser so you can be positioned accordingly.

It is also important ant that you clearly indicate the direction of the turn to all riders. Remember some may not be familiar with the course being used. It also assists car drivers and other road users understand where the rider is intending to going.

Finally, if you try and tell riders about a hazard they are unlikely to be able to hear you due to the distance they are away from you, and the wind noise from riding at high speed (this is especially true is wearing an aero helmet).

Very clear and very obvious hand signals are the only method of communicating with a rider. If the rider needs to slow down make it obvious by waving your hands very deliberately up and down. If it’s all clear feel free to wave the rider through the corner/junction, but only if absolutely certain there is no traffic. If in any doubt simply point the direction of the turn.

I would also like to remind riders that if they are listed to marshal on the provisional entry list I will assume they will be there unless told to the contrary in good time. Please don’t simply not turn up or arrive & intend to ride the event. Events can only run safely with the correct number of marshals as identified in the course risk assessment & failure to turn up could result in events being cancelled.

I apologise to some of the more experienced riders that are all ready aware of these requirements, but if anybody needs any further guidance please feel free to ask (in good time before your marshalling duties).

Paul Kilvington – Time Trial Secretary