HTRC has an opening for the role of Scene editor!

With gratitude to Mark Ollerenshaw taking the role of Scene editor for 2021, the Thursday magazine ‘Scene’ is now in need of an editor as Mark moved on and is currently racing for Clancy-Briggs.

If you might be interested in editing Scene or would like to contribute with a HTRC or cycling related article, then please email in your contribution and we’ll get it posted directly on the website as soon as we can.

Past copies are available and listed below.  Due to copyright reasons the downloading is no longer available, if you wish to keep any copies, please request them via Scene Editor at any time.

For contributions or interest in the Scene editor role, or just to get involved or ride with the club, then please email –

Mark Mckeown

‘Scene’ – The club’s e-magazine

All editions of the club’s magazine Scene are available on request, please email the Scene Editor or give Richard a call on – 07961067277 to request your copy.

If you would like to contribute to Scene please send in your articles on any aspect of cycling you feel inspired to write about to the Scene editor at the email address below. Your work will be much appreciated.

If any of you would prefer a printed ‘hard copy’ of the newsletter please email the Scene Editor .


Scene June 2021 [6374]
Scene May 2021 [6005]
Scene April 2021 [5845]
Scene March 2021 [5573]
Scene February 2021 [5396]
Scene January 2021 [5229]


Scene DEC 2020
Scene NOV 2020[4284]
Scene OCT 2020[3852]
Scene SEP 2020[3785]
Scene magazine August 2020
Scene magazine July 2020
Scene – May 2020
HTRC Scene January – February 2020


HTRC Scene November December 2019
HTRC Scene October 2019
HTRC Scene September 2019
HTRC Scene August 2019
HTRC Scene July 2019 – not available due to copyright infringement
HTRC Scene June 2019
HTRC Scene March 2019
HTRC Scene January/February 2019


HTRC Scene October 2018
HTRC Scene November/December 2018
HTRC Scene October 2018
HTRC Scene September 2018
HTRC Scene August 2018
HTRC Scene July 2018
HTRC Scene June 2018
HTRC Scene May 2018
HTRC Scene April 2018
HTRC Scene March 2018
HTRC Scene February 2018
HTRC Scene January 2018


HTRC Scene December 2017
HTRC Scene November 2017
HTRC Scene October 2017
HTRC Scene September 2017
HTRC Scene August 2017
HTRC Scene July 2017
HTRC Scene June 2017
HTRC Scene May 2017
HTRC Scene April 2017
HTRC Scene March 2017
HTRC Scene February 2017
HTRC Scene January 2017


HTRC Scene – December 2016
HTRC Scene – November 2016
HTRC Scene – October 2016
HTRC Scene – September 2016
HTRC Scene – August 2016
HTRC Scene – July 2016
HTRC Scene – June 2016
HTRC Scene – May 2016
HTRC Scene 341 – January 2016


Scene 340 – September 2015
Scene 339 – May 2015
Scene 338 – February 2015